PhD Theses

In what follows, you can find the list of the PhD students that have successfully defended their doctoral thesis:


31. Viennas Emmanouil - Subject: "Searching, Modeling and Evaluation of Applications and Data in the World Wide Web"


30. Sourla Efrosini - Subject:" Efficient algorithms for large volume data management and effective system design techniques applicable to medical data". 

29. Paschou Mirsini, Subject: "Efficient Techniques for managing Medical Data, using effective Data Structures to support Health Information Systems which integrate mobile devices". 


28. Yannis Plegas - Subject: "Algorithms and tecniaues of personalized search in web environments using unerlying semantics". 


27. Faliagka Evanthia - Subject: "Data Mining in the World Wide Web and applications in recommendation systems".


26. Panagiotis Antonellis - Subject: "Filtering and Data mining in information objects". 


25. Dimitris Antoniou - Subject: "Effective algorithms and data structures with applcations to Information Retrieval and Web Technologies". 

24. Nikos Tsirakis - Subject: "Data Mining techiques and their applications to information managment problems and software evaluation". 

23. Karousos Nikos - Subject: "Support of Service-Oriented Web Applications Development: an Open Hypermedia System approach".

22. Krotopoulou Aikaterini - Subject: "Effective Organization and Management of Multi-Dimensional Objects for Knowledge Discovery Achievement".


21. Yiannis Kanellopoulos - Subject: "Supporting Software Systems Maintenance Using Data Mining Techniques" (split time PhD - Computer Science School of University of Manchester). 

20. Theodoridis Evangelos - Subject: "Efficient Handling of Textual Information: indexing, storage, processing and applications".


19. Sofotasios Dimitris - Subject: "Tree structures for information management and industrial applications".

18. Perdikouri Katerina - Subject: "Algorithms for the analysis of biological sequences with application on bioinformatics problems".


17. Panagis Ioannis -Damastianos - Subject: "Data Structures for String Processing and for Information Processing in Net-centric Information Systems".

16. Kouris John - Subject: "Application of Data Mining Techniques on E-Commerce Systems".


15. Sakkopoulos Enangelos - Subject: "Efficient algorithms and adaptive techniques for Net-centric information systems and Web applications management".

14. Markellou Penelope - Subject: "Techniques and systems for knowledge management on the Web".

13. Rigou Maria - Subject: "Effective personalization algorithms based on Web usage mining".

12. Tzimas Giannis - Subject: "Performance improvement and effective design solutions for Web Applications".


11.Tsaknakis John - Subject: "Effective Algorithms and techniques for multimedia systems implementation".
10.Konstantinos Tsichlas - Subject: "Efficient Data Structures and Applications".


9. Bill Vassiliadis - Subject: "Adaptive multi-level Information Retrieval".

8. George Lagogiannis - Subject: "Search Trees on the RAM Model and on the Pointer Machine Model». Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics".

7. Dimitrios Prentzas - Subject: " Segmented Intelligent Hybrid Systems ".


6. Sioutas Spyros - Subject: "Efficient algorithms and robust techniques for spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal retrieval and searching".


5. Panagopoulou Georgia - Subject: "Research and development on multidimensional data structures and problems and structures for geographical data".


4. Sirmakessis Spiros - Subject: "Space and time reduction for data structures and computational geometry problems in the multidimensional space".

3. Bozanis Panayiotis - Subject: "New Results on Data Structures In Computational Geometry And Information Retrieval".

2. Kitsios Nectarios - Subject: "Techniques for geometric intersection problems".

1. Makris Christos - Subject: "Elementary Data Structures and their application in Computational Geometry and Information Retrieval".

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