Msc Theses


  1. Rapti Angeliki TITLE “Virus Propagation in Networks”
  2. Ioannou Zafeiria-Marina TITLE “Efficient techniques for Web data management”
  3. Mpovilas Konstantinos TITLE “Modeling web applications through reverse engineering techniques”
  4. Stamatopoulou Konstantina-Maria TITLE “Study and use of artificial intelligence techniques for medical information management”


  1. Chaidos Georgios TITLE “Design and implementation of journalistic RDF portal with search engine Articles”
  2. Tsimpou Maria TITLE “Study of the structure, services and technologies in support of social networks and analyzing quantitative and qualitative development tools”
  3. Saridi Christina TITLE "Design and implementation of primary education ICT course "Information technologies and communications" in e-learning platform and the usefulness of the educational process"
  4. Mandrozos Asimakis TITLE “Reverse engineering content management systems open source in model level”


  1. Kanavos Andreas TITLE "Semantic web clustering engines"


  1. Kampana Soultana TITLE "Design and development of standard e-learning system that leverages mobile technologies (mobile e-learning - mobile e-Learning)"
  2. Gkantouna Vassiliki TITLE "Development of an integrated mining system and visualization of knowledge from biological data".


  1. Dimitrakopoulou Dimitra TITLE " Algorithmic Bioinformatics Topics"
  2. Saltou G. Anastasia TITLE "Large-scale simulation and experimental evaluation P2P routing protocols"
  3. Viennas Manolis TITLE " Effective design of information systems for mobile application solutions: a case study"
  4. Mertis Aristotelis TITLE "Study semantic web technologies and development of cultural data management system"


  1. Sourla Efrosini TITLE "Technical applications design and eGovernment services"
  2. Paschou Mersini TITLE "Efficiently Internet applications and service management techniques (web services) in e-government information systems (e-government)"
  3. Daloukas Vasileios TITLE " The use of games in the educational process (edutainment)
  4. Stavropoulos Asimakis TITLE " Create, design and optimization of real-time photorealistic illustration with use of programmable graphics processors"
  5. Skoura Aggeliki TITLE " Representation and classification of dendritic structures of medical data".


  1. Faliaga Euanthia TITLE "Modelling web applications: cloning in model level, quality analysis and design patterns”
  2. Kaitanidis TITLE “Semantic Web and Personalization in Searching and Crawling"
  3. Dalaperas Dimitrios TITLE "Study of Implementation Quantum Gates using the load of an electron. Application to systems consisting of phosphorus atoms deposited on silicon"


  1. Antonellis Panagiotis  TITLE " Techniques of Dynamic Indexing and Filtering XML Documents "
  2. Gaitanou Efrosini TITLE " Text Retrieval and Extraction Rules of Texts with Organic Content "
  3. Kontopoulos Stavros TITLE  " Structures Indexing and Physical Topology in peer - to - peer Environments "
  4. Poulopoulos Vasileios TITLE " Personalized View of Internet content with techniques of  Pretreatment Automatic Classification and Automatic Export Summary "


  1. Livathinos Nikolaos TITLE " Structured Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks "
  2. Dara Katerina TITLE " Adaptive Search  for Web Services to support quality of service characteristics "
  3. Antoniou Dimitrios TITLE " Study and Development of self-organized Structures "


  1. Adamopoulou Poulia TITLE " Advanced methods and techniques for the efficient operation of systems using Web Services"
  3. Katsimpa Theodora TITLE " Web Application Modeling: Effective Search & Application design solutions and patterns "


  1. Panagis Ioannis TITLE " Efficiently Federating Longitudinal Linked Lists "


  1. Lazaris Christos TITLE " Access to online recognition and speech synthesis services "
  2. Petridis Nikolaos TITLE "Compression Techniques on Text and Indexing Structures"
  3. Gratsias Konstantinos TITLE " Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the planning and management of utility networks "


  1. Tsichlas Konstantinos TITLE " Redundant number systems and applications "
  2. Karatzas Emmanouil TITLE " Security issues in e-commerce systems "
  3. Prasinos Grigorios TITLE " Implementation and Experimental Evaluation of Separation Algorithm of Graphs and Applications "
  4. Chronopoulos Themistoklis TITLE " Models and analysis of performance for e-business Internet systems "
  5. Mountrouidou Polykseni TITLE " Designing a Packet scheduler for High Speed ATM Networks "
  6. Sakkopoulos Evangelos TITLE " Adaptive Learning Environment for Virtual University: "Review and analysis of adaptive hypermedia techniques and finding - information modeling techniques"
  7. Kanta Aspasia TITLE " Information retrieval techniques and their applications in designing adaptive hypermedia systems ".


  1. Roussos Athanasios TITLE "Web Data Mining Techniques".
  2. Theodoropoulos Theodoros TITLE " Design of a comprehensive, object-oriented network management tool for data services and  a rudimentary prototype implementation".


  1. Markellou Pinelopi TITLE " Usability models for e-commerce systems "
  2. Rigkou Maria TITLE " Technical evaluation of interactive systems "
  3. Lagogiannis Georgios  TITLE " Review of data structures on the RAM model "
  4. Sioutas Spyros TITLE " Techniques of eradication of  distributed complexity (amortization) and their application in the design of persistent (purely functional) data structures "
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