Diploma Theses


  1. Title: "Mobile application development, customizable from a web server, concerning health issues for Windows 8.1 tablets", Georgoulas Athanasios
  2. Title: "Mobile application (for Android) and web services integration using HTTP and SMS concerning health issues", Mpelitsos Georgios
  3. Title: "Application development for smartphones and mobile devices (Windows 8 Phone) for efficient staff management in health units", Labropoulos Vasileios
  4. Title: "Three-dimensional imaging of the new building of polytechnic school Computer Engineering and Informatics Department - a virtual learning environment for browsing and distance learning", Tzivieri Eftixia
  5. Title: "Creating online course using eFront platform", Kouta Maria
  6. Title: "Conceiving and reusing knowledge using Semantic Technology when designing Production Systems", Skrepetos Athanasios
  7. Title: "Application development for Android mobile devices for remote controlling of a smart home", Zarras Dimitrios
  8. Title: "Windows Phone 7 application for monitoring and managing medical records of patients with heart problems", Paraskevi Kokosia


  1. Title: "Development and customization of a system managing biomedical data over the web", Sfika Niki
  2. Title: "Managing knowledge in electronic government applications using semantic web technologies", Mihail Maria
  3. Title: "Design and implementation of a social media website for patients with mild and medium depression", Saltogianni Athanasia
  4. Title: "Comparing performance between key-value store (hbase) and graph nosql distributed databases", Kendea Marios
  5. Title: "Targeted recommendation of products to social media users", Konstantopoulos Konstantinos
  6. Title: "Implementing application for outdoor sport activities, recording and representing naturalistic paths (Android platform)", Ioannou Dionysia
  7. Title: "Social fMRI (behavior prediction) application development for Android mobile devices", Kaglis Vasileios
  8. Title: "Implementing a system for proposing tour paths inside the boundaries of a city based on cultural-historical data", Fragkogianni Maria
  9. Title: "Studying the watermarking of digital audio", Marinakis Georgios
  10. Title: "Implementing algorithms for managing spatiotemporal queries over the distributed file system hdfs", Tsakalidis Dimitrios


  1. Title : "Development of a dynamic web based application in order to depict biomedical information on the world map, using mobile devices",  Mantidakis E. Georgios
  2. Title: "Development of location aware application for Android: Mapping the notes of a user", Gkotsoulias Labros
  3. Title: "Development of augmented reality application for mobile devices", Nikoltsios Eleutherios
  4. Title: "Integrated environments of concurrent mobile application development for multiple mobile platforms. Comparative analysis and creation of a pilot application", Mpiskinis Kyriakos
  5. Title: "Change of cancer epigenomatos through UHRF1 and CYGB", Naxakis Theodoros
  6. Title: "Design and implementation of smartphone application for recording environmental and technical issues", Mourelatos Marios
  7. Title: "String processing algorithms in secondary memory", Mpalopoulou Stavroula
  8. Title: "Hybrid recommendation systems and implementation of and e-auction case study", Mertis Aristotelis
  9. Title: "Application development for online traffic monitoring", Lefteris Konstantinos
  10. Title: "Workbook facebook application for online job search", Mousoulis Nikolaos
  11. Title: "Pivot - interacting with data of big cardinality", Kolotourou Pavlina
  12. Title: "Modern telematics services", Kadditis Konstantinos
  13. Title: "Development of educational software for students in android tablet pc", Akasoglou Konstantinos
  14. Title: "Design and implementation of a web based database for recording, monitoring and studying patients with spinal cord injuries", Ntzala Pinelopi
  15. Title: "Cultural management: development of advanced social media website for arts using new technologies", Kanellakis Nikolaos
  16. Title: "Web production and visualization of ancestral haplotype map", Kamari Dimitra
  17. Title: "Mobile application development for smartphones and mobile devices for managing staff in medical units, using Android 4.0", Korezelidis Konstantinos
  18. Title: "Design and implementation of a web based database for recording, monitoring and studing pediatric patients with respiratory diseases", Rigas Panagiotis
  19. Title: "Application development for statistical analysis of basketball in natural language", Aslanoglou Eleutherios
  20. Title: "Virtual advanced homes using sensor and energy saving technologies which environmentally friendly", Rapanou Argiro
  21. Title: "Anonymized protection of personal data concerning user position in mobile devices for commercial mobile application development", Kavallieratos Dimitrios
  22. Title: "Creating a microblogging platform service for education", Bonarou Georgia
  23. Title: "E-learning educational systems for teaching art history to deaf people", Terpou Maria
  24. Title: "System based on ontologies for managing protein interaction", Rapti Aggeliki
  25. Title: "Location aware application development", Tsakalis Gerasimos
  26. Title: "Reverse engineering web applications using modeling methodologies", Sourla Georgia
  27. Title: "Usage of social media technologies from vulnerable social groups. The phenomenon and the dimensions of violence", Pappa Labrini
  28. Title: "Modeling web pages for presenting them in mobile devices", Athanasoulis Panagiotis
  29. Title: "Study and implementation of a social media website for diabetics", Vlachogianni Maria-Olga
  30. Title: "Managing cultural content using windows phone 7.5 mobile devices", Livathinou Aggeliki


  1. Title: "QR code detection application", Kokkinos Charilaos-Georgios
  2. Title: "Design and implementation of PDA application for recording, monitoring and studying patients with open tibia fractures", Papavlasopoulou Theodora
  3. Title: "Game development using Unity 3D platform", Vasileiou Porfyrios
  4. Title: "Blood pressure tracker in windows phone 7", Mpasagiannis Georgios
  5. Title: "Graphic interface development for preprocessing proteomics data", Spyropoulou Vasiliki
  6. Title: "Game development using Unity 3D platform", Chatziminas Auxentios


  1. Title: "Studying text-to-speech techniques and mobile application development (PDAs) in order to enhance rendering of services for educational purposes using .NET technologies", Bourdoulis Theodoros
  2. Title: "Studying text-to-speech techniques and mobile application development (smartphones) in order to enhance rendering of services for educational purposes", Lykourgiotis Panagiotis
  3. Title: "Studying text-to-speech techniques and mobile application development in order to enhance rendering of services for educational purposes", Koukougiannis Stavros
  4. Title: "Development of geographical information system (GIS) for mobile devices using .NET technologies", Skoulikari Ariadni-Eirini
  5. Title: "Development of geographical information system (GIS) for Android-based mobile devices", Nodarakis Nikolaos
  6. Title: "Techniques and simulation tools for P2P protocols", Daikidis Ioannis
  7. Title: "Development of a face detection search engine in the social web", Kalogiros Georgios
  8. Title: "Modeling web applications: Rearrange study of application model", Athanasoulis Panagiotis
  9. Title: "Studying of basic methods and algorithms that adhere to robotics - an implementation using lego mindstorms nxt", Fragkos Vasileios
  10. Title: QR-code detection application", Kokkinos Charis
  11. Title: "Protein data analysis using machine learning techniques", Aidonopoulos Orfeas
  12. Title: "Algorithms and techniques for data string compression with applications on managing molecular sequences", Makris Alexandros
  13. Title: "Information retrieval from biomedical literature: Application in text analysis (text mining) from sources in the world wide web", Ioannou Zafeiria-Marina
  14. Title: "Personalized search techniques using information from user browsing", Christo Klavdianos
  15. Title: "Slicing and compressing techniques for inverted indices on search engines", Taratoris Aggelos
  16. Title: "Data structures and algorithms for managing top-k queries", Pispirigos Georgios
  17. Title: "Study and analysis of XML filtering algorithms. Analysis and design of new parallel algorithm and performance comparison with existing ones", Papoutsis Georgios
  18. Title: "Location aware application development", Ionas Gabriel
  19. Title: "Design and implementation of a web-based database for recording, monitoring and studying of pediatric patients with osteomyelitis", Tsioutsiou Vaia
  20. Title: "Design and implementation of a web-based database for recording, monitoring and studying patients with colon diseases", Memou Maria
  21. Title: "Design and implementation of a web-based database for recording, monitoring and studying pediatric patients with  με diseases of the respiratory system", Siakalis
  22. Title: "Information retrieval from moving object trajectories", Zacharakis Vasileios
  23. Title: "Biclustering biomedical data", Kosmas Antonios
  24. Title: "Techniques for finding similarity between ontologies on the semantic web", Kafeza Evanthia
  25. Title: "Study of modeling technologies for mobile devices - Development of standard reverse engineering application", Psonis Christos
  26. Title: "Development of a sensor network and an information system for managing it", Lazari Stella
  27. Title: "Design and implementation of 3D multiplayer game of type Flight Simulator - Air Combat using DirectX", Papadopoulos Giorgos
  28. Title: "Development of location aware application", Strouzas Spyros
  29. Title: "System development for three-dimensional graphics rendering which is accelerated on GPUs", Giotis Nikos
  30. Title: "Design and implementation of information retrieval algorithms for protein data", Eleutheriou Stegiani Eirini
  31. Title: "Design and implementation of a web-based database for recording, monitoring and studying patients with open tibia injuries", Gintzou Lilian
  32. Title: "Design and implementation of a web-based database for recording, monitoring and studying patients with AIDS", Mesix Thaer Alexandros
  33. Title: "Design and implementation of a web-based database for recording, monitoring and studying pediatric patients with elbow dislocation", Στάμου
  34. Title: "Design and implementation of a web-based database for recording, monitoring and studying patients with servical spine injuries", Chaintini
  35. Title: "Studying of basic methods and algorithms that adhere to robotics - an implementation using lego mindstorms nxt", Kaimakas Giorgos
  36. Title: "Advanced video montage", Mpaklesi Labrini
  37. Title: "Design and implementation of a web-based database for recording, monitoring and studying sport injuries of basketball players", Petropoulos Giorgos
  38. Title: "Public information services on mobile devices", Karageorgopoulou Georgia
  39. Title: "Study of drowsy states and development of system for early diagnosis of drowsiness in drivers", Deligiannidou Katerina
  40. Title: "System for managing electronic education from Android mobile devices", Kournoutou Maria
  41. Title: "Development of location aware application", Georgopoulou Argyroula
  42. Title: "Studying of basic methods and algorithms that adhere to robotics - an implementation using lego mindstorms nxt", Kordaris Ioannis
  43. Title: "Information retrieval: a case study", Mavroudi Myrto
  44. Title: "Development of a sensor network and an information system for managing it", Chouliaropoulos Anastasios


  1. Title: "Studying of basic methods and algorithms that adhere to robotics - an implementation using lego mindstorms nxt", Vogiatzis Michail
  2. Title: "Development of information system for serving sms in the context of educational processes", Fotiadaki Panagiota-Kyriaki
  3. Title: "Online game software - Study of XNA environment", Goulas Charalabos
  4. Title: "Indexing moving objects", Poulokefalos Nikolaos  
  5. Title: "Standard system for electronic voting of Greek immigration", Sarellas Konstantinos
  6. Title: "Semantic e-commerce: Design and implementation of an e-list", Anastasopoulos Theocharis
  7. Title: "Web RECommendation", Loukeris Michail
  8. Title: "Sosial networks: Study and analysis of their characteristics", Vasileiou Sofia
  9. Title: "Study of three-dimensional learning environments for supporting experiential learning and distance learning", Karampasis Michail
  10. Title: "Design and implementation of online biomedical databases", Chioti Eirini
  11. Title: "Studying of basic methods and algorithms that adhere to robotics - an implementation using lego mindstorms nxt", Papakostas Athanasios
  12. Title: "Use of computers in biosignal processing", Kakosimou Eleni
  13. Title: "Development of techniques with the use of an sms server for information services about general interest", Kavasi Kallistheni-Nektaria
  14. Title: "Information systems for managing web content", Geroutis Georgios
  15. Title: "Study and implementation of personalized communication multimedia services on mobile devices", Livathinou Aggeliki
  16. Title: "Comparison between game development platforms - An implementation on the XNA platform", Nikola Theodosis
  17. Title: "Algorithms and data structures in secondary memory that ignore ordering and characteristics of storage devices", Lekkas Georgios
  18. Title: "Dynamic string indexing", Matzavinos Panagiotis
  19. Title: "Personalized ordering of online search engine results", Katsoulas Konstantinos
  20. Title: "Online web services search using efficient techniques over peer to peer newtorks (Ρ2Ρ)", Katsanos Ioannis
  21. Title: "Protein - Protein DBs", Mpitzios Christos
  22. Title: "Cache Oblivious", Lekkas Georgios
  23. Title: "Data structures and algorithms for the implementation of OLAP systems", Gazos Athanasios
  24. Title: "Development of dynamic system for electronic education in the domain of anatomy", Karathanasis Georgios
  25. Title: "Design of tele-medicine services - Synchronous-Asynchronous services", Ampatzidis Tilemachos
  26. Title: "Design and implementation of middleware for medical information on mobile devices", Sitounis Spyridon
  27. Title: "Data mining techniques for website reorganization", Καστούμης Γεώργιος
  28. Title: "Geographical information systems on mobile devices. Application with the system arcmobile on Java environment", Mantidakis Georgios
  29. Title: "Design and implementation of middleware for medical information on mobile devices", Kouvelas Christos
  30. Title: "Web 2.0 and Localization Services: Design and implementation of web services using localization techniques", Gekas Theocharis
  31. Title: "Optimization of systems managing microbiological lab data", Volis Georgios
  32. Title: "Semantic e-commerce: Design and implementation of a revision catalog of combined nomenclature system", Anastasopoulos Theocharis
  33. Title: "Design and implementation of a smart system for managing biosignals", Kotoula Panagiota
  34. Title: "Game development using the XNA platform", Papakostopoulos Athanasios
  35. Title: "Social software: Its usage in electronic education", Briasouli Alexandra
  36. Title: "Facial Modeling and Animation Techniques", Papadimitriou Athanasios
  37. Title: "Web services for information retrieval and data mining from databases of protein interaction", Mpitzios Christos
  38. Title: "Computational detection and interpretation of the electrical excitation of the human body", Cristofi Sokratis


  1. Title: "Information management in electronic government applications using semantic technologies",  Michail Maria
  2. Title: "Design and implementation of application for managing hotel complexes", Rigas Konstantinos
  3. Title: "Design and implementation of graphics algorithms", Apostolou Panagiotis
  4. Title: "Algorithms and applications on peer to peer (P2P) networks for web services searching using tree-based data structures", Morfopoulos Anastasios
  5. Title: "Instant messaging technologies in client-server level for mobile environments", Tokis Theodoros
  6. Title: "User behavior prediction algorithms on website using string algorithms", Ferentinou Konstantinia
  7. Title: "Data mining techniques using semantics from web usage log mining in order to personalize websites", Theodoridis Ioannis-Vasileios
  8. Title: "Communication in social network environment using web services based on instant messaging and subscriptions on services", Kyfonidis Charalabos
  9. Title: "Implementation of interactive entertainment application in .NET environment", Mamagkaki Thelxi
  10. Title: "Data processing techniques for recording websites using social semantics in order to personalize websites", Spatharakis Fotis
  11. Title: "Customized web services for electronic government applications", Iliadis Sokratis
  12. Title: "Instant messaging technologies and services development in the client-server level", Mpouta Evaggelia
  13. Title: "Social network system with web technologies from applications and web services (mashups - web application hybrids)", Lautsidis Filimon


  1. Title: "Clustering algorithms and their variations with applications in data mining and information retrieval", Golfinopoulos Andreas
  2. Title: "Algorithms for extracting association rules based on Markov models and their applications", Papoutsakis Konstantinos
  3. Title: "Investigating data extraction algorithms from biological sequences using parameterized string techniques", Skoura Aggeliki
  4. Title: "Spatial data structures for representing two and three-dimensional models on Geographical Information Systems (GIS)", Lamprou Evaggelos
  5. Title: "Efficient query execution on XML texts", Katsampas Pavlos
  6. Title: "Study and implementation of index structure on peer-to-peer systems", Papaloukopoulos Georgios
  7. Title: "Theoretical study and experimental confirmation of inference tools in bioogical data", Kostadima Myrto-Areti
  8. Title: "Extension of an existing search engine with mechanisms for indexing user records", Frantzis Thrasyvoulos
  9. Title: "Study, design and implementation of news portal", Kleftogiannis Dimitrios
  10. Title: "Application development of composition of medical images in order to prevent medical conditions", Demsia Dimitra
  11. Title: "Usage of mobile devices for commercial use and web services communication with guaranteed of quality of service (QoS)", Saltou Anastasia
  12. Title: "Windows Mobile 6.0, Web Services, Dynamic Call, QoS metrics: Detect and choose web services with guaranteed QoS to create efficient workflows", Argyropoulos Georgios
  13. Title: "Network-based platform for executing and presenting string algorithms with applications in Bioinformatics", Kountrias Apostolis
  14. Title: "Creation of a combined environment for organizing-managing data and space surveillance using active network devices and support for content sending to mobile phones", Gkirkizas Konstantinos-Georgios
  15. Title: "Design and implementation of network application for organizing data and communication with active network surveillance devices and information distribution", Gakou Tatiana
  16. Title: "Study and simulation of web services for servicing companies through an electronic government application", Zampou Eleni
  17. Title: "Semantic e-Business", Chantzi Athanasia-Eleutheria
  18. Title: "e-Tourism: Investigating and recording the penetration of information and communication technologies in the domain of tourism", Dikaiou Maria-Aikaterini
  19. Title: "Advanced techniques of human-computer interaction", Kotoula Panagiota
  20. Title: "Human-computer communication systems", Papakonstantinou Theodoros
  21. Title: "Learner evaluation techniques in the environment of semantic web", Kafritsa Maria
  22. Title: "Provision of personalized services in m-commerce applications based on context", Panagiotou Leonidas
  23. Title: "Studying personalized services in m-commerce applications", Gkavogianni Adamantia
  24. Title: "Hybrid recommendation schema based on usage of data structure and web content", Kokorogiannis Panagiotis
  25. Title: "Knowledge management techniques using mobile devices", Chatzisavvas Giorgos
  26. Title: "Choosing and personalizing semantic web services", Kakarikos Athanasios
  27. Title: "Adaptive search algorithms on the world wide web using semantics", Asimakopoulos Sotirios
  28. Title: "Open Source solutions for environments XMPP and SIP in the client-server level – Interconnection between multiple servers", Ntirlis Nikos
  29. Title: "Study of clustering and categorization techniques  for data mining from web streams, emphasizing on real time semi-supervised techniques", Maziotis Alexandros
  30. Title: "Design and implementation of infrastructure for archiving websites from the web", Kalligeros Christos-Ioannis
  31. Title: "Implementation techniques for topic focused crawlers", Ladas Alexandros
  32. Title: "Investigating XMPP and SIP technologies for creating efficient information services concerning instant messaging clients", Stribakos Georgios
  33. Title: "Study, design and development of a novel electronic government application", Sergianeli Eirini
  34. Title: "Study of technologies and environments to support instant messaging services in client-server level - an implementation", Viennas Manolis
  35. Title: "Multiple sequence alignment and applications in phylogenetic analysis and bioinformatics", Chronopoulos Athanasios
  36. Title: "Techniques for choosing semantic and personalized web services", Alexopoulos Iraklis
  37. Title: "Modern security issues of electronic systems and networks", Gravalos Ilias
  38. Title: "Experimental study of self-organized data structures", Kampouris Ioannis


  1. Title: “Personalization in the context of semantic web", Papageorgiou Christos
  2. Title: “Evaluation of recommendation systems: Methodologies and metrics”, Magklis Petros
  3. Title: “Implementation of XML web services for mining and processing valuable knowledge from databases", Nakos Konstantinos
  4. Title: “Design and implementation of recommendation system for biological seeds to cultivators", Stavrianoudaki Marina
  5. Title: "Usage of mobile phones for commercial use and rendering of services with web services infrastructure", Antonopoulos Charilaos
  6. Title: "Semantic commentary for web services", Karaiskou Theodora
  7. Title: "Study and implementation of known fractal algorithms and their applications", Karali Chrysoula-Styliani
  8. Title: "Mobile commerce technologies and their applications", Koukia Spyridoula
  9. Title: "Modeling user for educational applications on semantic web", Lakoumentas Christos
  10. Title: "Training and evaluation in the context of semantic web", Labrou Michail
  11. Title: "Interactive multimedia application for learning music", Makrydakis Georgios
  12. Title: "Usage of mobile devices for commercial use and communication with web services with guaranteed QoS.", Mpessa Sotiria
  13. Title: «Studying and simulating web services for serving companies through an electronic government application», Ntaousani Aggeliki
  14. Title: "Optimized algorithm to supply web services using smart intermediates", Paschou Myrsini
  15. Title: "Sorting methods with permutations by inversions", Sella ilia
  16. Title: "Modeling web applications: Quality analysis at model level and design patterns", Faliagka Evanthia
  17. Title: "Overview of techniques for linking, mining and discovering web services", Athanasiadis Thomas 
  18. Title: “Study of hybrid recommendation systems and implementation of a case study", Mertis Aristotelis

1989 - 2005

  1. Title: "An efficient implementation of planar point location problem in cartography", Eleutheriadou Dana, Serafeidis Kostas
  2. Title: "Studying the triangulation of simple polygon in linear time", Kolliopoulos Stavros
  3. Title: "Conversion of distributed complexities to worst case complexities for orthogonal queries", Kalpakis Konstantinos
  4. Title: "Overview of design principles and development of empirical systems. Design study of an empirical system for automatic diagnosis of bone diseases", Kyrgios Christos
  5. Title: "User interface and development of a greek GIS", Ksenos Anastasios
  6. Title: "Introduction in persistence of data structures and efficient implementation of a fully persistent tree", Papakostas Achilleas
  7. Title: "Study of purely top-down rebalanced methods for height balanced trees and especially for ΒΒ-Τrees", Stamatiou Ioannis
  8. Title: "A technique for compressing space of sparse arrays", Tsoumpris Apostolos
  9. Title: "Τhe first steps of implementation of the user interface of a medical expert system for automatic diagnose of bone diseases in nuclear medicine", Antoniou Evanthia, Liolas Giannis
  10. Title: "The first steps of implementation of a medical expert system for bone scan", Aggelis Dimitrios, Bozas Giannis
  11. Title: "Implementation of kBB-tree", Vourdacha Eleni
  12. Title: "Pattern matching in one and two dimensions, approximate pattern matching and applications", Zacharis Konstantinos
  13. Title: "Medical expert systems", Karapanagiotis Lazaros
  14. Title: "Data collection about multiple sclerosis and diagnostic value of evoked potentials", Karantza Dionysia-Anna
  15. Title: "Dynamic evoked separation method of evoked potential from electroencephalogram. Ideas about the implementation of an expert systems for diagnosing multiple sclerosis", Mprikou Athanasia
  16. Title: "Optic nerve emulation", Nikita Ioanna
  17. Title: "Implementation of dynamic nerve interpolation search", Fotiadis Ioannis
  18. Title: "Nearest neighbors problem", Filopoulou Stavroula, Charcharidou Anastasia
  19. Title: "Loves: A logical verification system¨, Daskalopoulou Aspasia-Kalliopi, Konstantinou Vasilis
  20. Title: "Analysis and implementation of a hidden surface removal algorithm", Katsomalos Michalis, Logothetidis Fokion
  21. Titile: "Efficient storage of geometric curves", Kotsis Dimitrios, Mpagias Dimitrios
  22. Title: "Study of distributed data structures and their issues", Karamitsas Dimitrios
  23. Title: "Informatics on processing cardiotocography", Kounoupas Isidoros
  24. Title: "The serialized output sensitive algorithm of Sandeep Sen and John H. Reif about hidden surface elimination problem and its parallelization", Lymberopoulos Ilias
  25. Title: "Study and design of information system for effective storage of paintings. Multimedia and pictorial databases", Korfiatis Ioannis, Kyramas Vaggelis
  26. Title: "Introduction in computer graphics and hidden surface elimination algorithms", Baxevanaki Anna
  27. Title: "Introduction in molecular informatics", Petri Ourania
  28. Title: "An expert system for automatic diagnosis on bone diseases with the assistance of scintigraphic image", Siozos Athanasios, Tzanetis Giannis
  29. Title: "Information system for monitoring children with thalassemia", Siamisi Margarita, Spiliou Anna, Fardi Dimitra
  30. Title: "Multi-dimensional data structures and partial matching", Misthos Spyros, Tsouderos Georgios
  31. Title: "Compression algorithms about files containing geometric data", Margioulas Vasilis, Pikrakis Aggelos
  32. Title: "File management of objects with big and variable size", Makris Christos, Bozanis Panagiotis
  33. Title: "Distributed version of interpolation search tree", Konstantopoulos Charalambos, Svolos Andreas
  34. Title: "Orthocanonical area intersection and computational geometry algorithms", Kapelios Vasilis, Papamichail Georgios
  35. Title: "XBONE - knowledge base", Georgopoulou Dionysia, Stamou Dimitra
  36. Title: "Study of the karyotype determination problem", Toli Theodora, Mpelli Zoi
  37. Title: "Basic issues when processing items in a list", Robola Eleni
  38. Title: "Analyis and implementation of a hidden surface removal algorithm about any polyhedron", Kitsios Nektarios, Patroubas Konstantinos
  39. Title: "IT study of  Karamandaneion Child Hospital in Patras", Gioldasis Georgios, Tzortzis Christos
  40. Title: "Information retrieval in big text collections", Mamalis Vasilis, Lafazanis Manolis
  41. Title: "Computerization of the department and the blood laboratory of  Regional University Hospital of Patras", Mylona Daphni, Papa Vasiliki
  42. Title: "Simulation program about brain functionality", Kritikos Christos-Miltiadis
  43. Title: "Finding shortest paths and detecting negative cycles in directional graphs", Papastergiou Agamemnon
  44. Title: "Art and technology. Information system for paintings", Athanasiou Evaggelia
  45. Title: "Evolution, analysis and prospects of multimedia technology", Panopoulos Nikolaos, Filippidou Despoina, Stamatopoulou Maria, Karageorgiou Maria
  46. Title: "Hypertext: general overview and comparative study", Stamatopoulos Christos
  47. Title: "Design of the user interface of an expert system for automatic diagnosis on bone diseases with the assistance of scintigraphic image", Drougkas Konstantinos
  48. Title: "Interactive multimedia production", Mpitopoulos Konstantinos, Piperidis Savvas
  49. Title: "Addition of a control strategies library in a generalized theorem prover", Matsoukas Spyros
  50. Title: "Overview in parallel computational geometry", Athanasopoulou Paraskevi, Igoumenidi Dimitroula
  51. Title: "Simulation program of the human brain-nervous system functionality", Sopranidis Ioannis, Lazaridis Alexandros
  52. Title: "Integration of production rules with neuron networks for knowledge representation", Ntontou Foteini
  53. Title: "Improvement and extension of FIRE system in terms of text clustering, passage retrieval and security", Antonis Konstantinos, Gkovopoulos Athanasios
  54. Title: "Parallel algorithms of line segments' intersection on the plane", Milionis Apostolos, Papadopoulos Apostolos
  55. Title: "Management of biomedical information through a database", Giorntos Vasilis, Kounnis Savvas
  56. Title: "Information retrieval techniques", Kostidou Stella
  57. Title: "Study of application of image processing and graphic animation in multimedia. Development of educational title using multimedia for the 30th anniversary of 'APOLLON' municipal theater of Patras", Metaxiotou Zoi, Balta Eleni
  58. Title: "Computerization of the Orthopaedic Department of Karamandaneion Children Hospital of Patras", Gkaliou Pinelopi
  59. Title: "Databases about multimedia", Giannouli Aggeliki, Kyriakou Charavgi
  60. Title: "Algorithms and molecular bioinformatics", Panagopoulou Maria
  61. Title: "Design and development of simulation tool for evaluating short term production plans ", Kazatzi Vasiliki, Margaritou Maria
  62. Title: "Design and implementation of a knowledge-based simulator of a flow-shop production system", Soukakos Panagiotis
  63. Title: "Computerization of the microbiology department and the blood laboratory of Karamandaneion Children Hospital of Patras", Sarafi Eleni, Martziou Marina
  64. Title: "Adapting XBONE medical expert systems to work on Windows operating system", Gkatzis Ioannis
  65. Title: "Creation of a multimedia database about  Apollon theater  and study of compression techniques", Mpalaoura Sotiria, Chantzi Eirini
  66. Title: "General overview of range searching problem", Terzis Andreas
  67. Title: "Overview of inductive object oriented databases and suggestion of a system extension", Stergiou Konstantinos
  68. Title: "Overview of object oriented databases and suggestions of research topics", Karympalis Ioannis
  69. Title: "Computerization of the microbiology department and the blood laboratory of Regional University Hospital of Patras", Tzimas Ioannis, Chrysoulis Christos
  70. Title: "Introduction on virtual reality", Gaviotis Giorgos, Pachnelis Giorgos
  71. Title: "Tumor Bank: database for storing medical samples", Vasileiadis Vasilis, Lagogiannis Georgios
  72. Title: "Multimedia as art: an approach", Aisopos Christos, Exarchakos Panagiotis
  73. Title: "Modeling learning theories and their application in informatics", Panagopoulou Georgia, Spyropoulou Daphni
  74. Title: "GIS: study of storage structures for spatial data", Panagiotou Vasileios
  75. Title: "Distance learning using a computer", Koutkias Konstantinos, Samolada Evdokia
  76. Title: "Credit cards' jam", Aggelis Vasileios
  77. Title: "JSS design and implementation of a knowledge-based router for job-shop production environments", Parlavantzas Nikolaos, Lagoudakis Michail
  78. Title: "Automation of educational multimedia title production", Karelas Fotios, Kakalou Ioanna
  79. Title: "Implementing techniques for signature extraction", Hamdeh Hussam, Hilal Tawfik
  80. Title: "Development techniques for educational software and educational networks", Karakasidou Alexandra, Kyriakidou Alexandra
  81. Title: "Design and implementation of analog multiplier", Zisoglou Lazaros, Ntouskas Nikolaos, Poulis Ilias
  82. Title: "Computerization of the center and the laboratory of Regional University Hospital of Patras", Mpalatos Konstantinos, Panagopoulou Georgia, Pantelis Argyrios, Syrmakesis Spyros
  83. Title: "Security on medical data: Presentation and comparative study of security algorithms", Rantos Konstantinos
  84. Title: "Development of multimedia database about tour information", Mavridis Dimitris, Tsaknakis Giannis
  85. Title: "Web browser implementation", Antoniadis Ioannis, Papamichail Dimitris
  86. Title: "Distance learning using modern technology and multimedia. Management system of an educational electronic environment", Oikonomou Evaggelia
  87. Title: "Support of Tumor Bank with an expert system", Papandreadi Anastasia, Christifalou Aikaterini
  88. Title: "Multimedia in the field of education. 'Votaniki' application", Katsaounos Nikos, Tzelepis Spyros
  89. Title: "Corrections and optimizations on expert medical system XBONE", Melas Filippos
  90. Title: "Development of multimedia title about the environment", Zorzou Chara, Fatseas Iason
  91. Title: "Web server implementation", Iliadou Vasiliki, Tessi Aggeliki, Tsirogianni Anthi
  92. Title: "Implementation of educational multimedia title on bookbinding for disabled persons", Dobridis Thomas, Panagiotaki Aggeliki
  93. Title: "Implementation of educational title on painting", Vamvatsikos Andreas, Maltis Efstathios
  94. Title: "Web-server connection with database", Mournos Giorgos, Christofidis Christos
  95. Title: "World wide web and its applications", Kappos Panagiotis
  96. Title: "TUBIS: Database for storing histological and cytological preparations. Extensions and improvements", Papageorgiou Athanasios, Tortopidis Georgios
  97. Title: "Analysis and implementation of a space-optimal hidden line elimination algorithm for iso-oriented rectangles", Gianopoulos Panagiotis, Oikonomopoulou Evgenia
  98. Title: "Platform development for creating games", Georgiopoulos Alkis
  99. Title: "Distributed information management: databases, streams, applications", Gkougkousi Georgia
  100. Title: "Investigating research problems on computer graphins", Stathoraki Marina
  101. Title: "Computerization of the department and the blood laboratory of Regional University Hospital of Patras", Anyfanti Theodorea
  102. Title: "Storage of Frame Based (Frame Sliced) signatures with the assistance of Gride File techniques", Karagianni Chara
  103. Title: "Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). PELICAN system: Computerization of the blood laboratory of του Regional University Hospital of Patras", Bovilas Kostas
  104. Title: "Simplex and Half-Space Range Searching", Liakopoulou Martha
  105. Title: "Multimedia: a general overview", Mourikis Petros
  106. Title: "Database implementation about microbiological cultures", Aetopoulou Vasiliki, Panteleon Evdokia
  107. Title: "Combinatorial Optimization", Drineas Petros
  108. Title: "Efficient design and implementation of a Greek language dictionary for CD-ROM Publishing", Zervas Konstantinos, Mpezas Christos
  109. Title: "Design and implementation of effective programming algorithms on complex production/distribution environments", Korolios Aristeidis, Sarafi Maria
  110. Title: "Signature extraction methods", Mytilinaiou Eleni
  111. Title: "Development of an interactive nn-line spreadsheet on a WWW server", Piskopos Nikolaos
  112. Title: "Extension of application Multimedia Kiosks. Connection with a central database and local databases of hotels, Σύνδεση με κεντρική βάση και με τοπικές βάσεις σε ξενοδοχεία, agencies, etc. Change of the existing user interface", Papanikolaou Giorgos, Sioutas Spyros
  113. Title: "Implementation of traffic management and cargo monitoring services for the port of Patras in GIS environment (ARC/INFO)", Prentzas Dimitrios, Derekenaris Grigorios
  114. Title: "Extension of application Multimedia Kiosks. Change of the existing user interface", Malandrinos Andreas
  115. Title: "Design and implementation of a database about the products of the industrial air force unit  of Araxos",  Koroneos Dimitrios, Papaloukas Georgios
  116. Title: "Topic development about Botany of the first year of high school", Georgaki Pinelopi, Nteimente Sofia
  117. Title: "Development of multimedia application about visual arts", Kanta Aspasia, Rigkou Maria
  118. Title: "General overview on Ι/Ο complexity (range search on d>2 dimensions)", Protopapa Maria
  119. Title: "Study, design and implementation of a multimedia web server", Vamvakoulas Giannis, Destounis Panagiotis
  120. Title: "Design and analysis issues of graph theory", Kalisiakis Grigoris
  121. Title: "Development of educational multimedia software about  environmental education", Arnaoutakis Paraskevas, Mokas Apostolos
  122. Title: "Development and support of processes on the central WWW Server of University of Patras (Further development of the central web server of University of Patras)", Drosopoulos Nikolaos
  123. Title: "Distribution of documents on intranet", Ntaloukas Vasilis
  124. Title: "Ticket reservation through internet", Moysiadis Georgios, Tsiara Aikaterini
  125. Title: "Electronic document search on the intranet of a company", Triantafyllakis Aristeidis
  126. Title: "Development of an extranet about local self-government", Gkantaras Ioannis
  127. Title: "Development of pilot telecommuting application", Alexaki Sofia, Chatzimisis Marinos
  128. Title: "Data structures about hidden surface elimination", Tsichlas Konstantinos
  129. Title: "Storage and multimedia data management techniques", Psaltis Eleutherios, Nikolopoulos Panagiotis
  130. Title: "Development of tools for processing and measurment analysis performance in network telephony ", Laskaridis Alexandros, Papadimas Christos
  131. Title: "Spatial data analysis of radiocoverage network telephony", Tsivopoulos Dimitris, Κabbadias Christophoros
  132. Title: "Automated production systems of multimedia titles with web technologies", Katsonopoulou Ioanna
  133. Title: "Implementation of virtual market", Mpantras Evaggelos
  134. Title: "Implementation of a WWW server and connection with database in the context of practise", Giotopoulos Konstantinos, Tsiamis Ioannis
  135. Title: "Banking and brokerage applications using internet technologies", Chatzinakis Stefanos
  136. Title: "Development of web multimedia educationnal software for Biology lectures", Bourntenas Leonidas, Dimas Athanasios
  137. Title: "Developmen of a multimedia title about Patras carnival", Papakitsou Paraskevi
  138. Title: "Multimedia educational title", Dara Aikaterini, Pavlou Alexandros
  139. Title: "Development and extension of a Biology database", Petridis Nikolaos, Theoklitou Nikolas
  140. Title: "Endemic plants of Peloponnese", Petsinis Vasilis, Andrianis Stathis
  141. Title: "Study of information retrieval algorithms", Ipeirotis Panagiotis
  142. Title: "Implementation of Virtual Office system for telecommuting applications", Epidexios Georgios
  143. Title: "Multimedia title about biotechnology of vegetable domain", Kakaounakis Artemis, Syrakis Sotiris
  144. Title: "Development of GIS application about biology", Karalopoulos Athanasios
  145. Title: "Modeling of molecules using computers", Sofroniou Sofronos
  146. Title: "Dynamic automated access control system on dial up services", Andreopoulos Konstantinos, Drakos Ioannis
  147. Title: "Multimedia title about sustainable agriculture", Stratoulias Konstantinos
  148. Title: "Devices for disabled people", Papadima Aikaterini
  149. Title: "The palace of Nestor at Pylos", Pantelios Michalis, Tsiknas Labros
  150. Title: "Development of multimedia title about the life and work of the painter Nikos Eggonopoulos", Stathopoulou Maria
  151. Title: "Multimedia title about electromagnetism", Antonopoulos Alexandros , Stefanidis Kyriakos
  152. Title: "Development of advanced intranet system for closed user groups in an office environment", Sakkopoulos Evaggelos
  153. Title: "Development of web server for information about brokerage activities and processes", Katsiakou Foteini, Aggeli Androniki
  154. Title: "Spatial data search", Bousgos Fotis
  155. Title: "Theoretical and experimental study about new search and sorting techniques in the RAM computational model", Psarras Konstantinos
  156. Title: "Modeling mimi peptide", Perdikouri Aikaterini
  157. Title: "Application of information retrieval techniques in e-commerce systems", Kogia Kleopatra
  158. Title: "Net-Buyers-Cyber - Consumers: Interaction technologies", Keramydas Eleutherios
  159. Title: "Semantic text retrieval techniques", Kaftaki Rodoula
  160. Title: "Clustering of data points in a generalized three-dimensional space", Brakatsoulas Georgios
  161. Title: "Clever data mining from geographic data bases", Eftymiou Thomas
  162. Title: "Development of client-server application in Oracle RDBMS", Christodoulakis Emmanouil , Dimitriadis Charis
  163. Title: "Tour in virtual space", Gianakopoulos Michalis
  164. Title: "Integrated storage and retrieval multimedia systems of large size", Ksergias Spyridon
  165. Title: "Design and implementation of multimedia title presenting archaeological site", Stathi Eleni
  166. Title: "Design of multimedia title about visual arts", Pylioti Ioanna
  167. Title: "Design of multimedia title about Ancient Olympia", Alexakis Nikolaos
  168. Title: "Design and implementation of three-dimensional application adapted to the needs of virtual sets setup", Maikantis Theodoros
  169. Title: "Search techniques on the web", Christopoulou Eleni
  170. Title: "Development of system that collects and extracts information using statistics on Microsoft Windows environment", Mavritsakis Georgios
  171. Title: "Study and implementation of data structures for priority queues", Panagis Ioannis-Damastianos
  172. Title: "Data mining in multi-dimensional environment", Tranoudis Georgios
  173. Title: "Implementation of client clustering algorithms on e-commerce systems", Psaras-Chatzigeorgiou Athanasios
  174. Title: "Creating a knowledge database of an intelligent teaching system on the web",  Dalla Mirela
  175. Title: "Analysis of the objectivity of betting odds", Laderos Dimitrios
  176. Title: "Metric differentiation of decision trees", Dadiotis Dimitrios
  177. Title: "Simple and confluent persistence of general interconnected data structures", Kyriakos Petrakos
  178. Title: "Study and implementation of algorithms for string management", Theodoridis Vaggelis
  179. Title: "Development-presentation of multimedia application for Greek painter (A)", Papavasileiou Christos
  180. Title: "Development-presentation of multimedia application for Greek painter (B)", Paidas Alexandros
  181. Title: "Development-presentation of multimedia application for Greek painter (C)", Mavridis Kyriakos
  182. Title: "Implementation of adaptive e-learning techniques using the .Net framework", Eleutherios Labros
  183. Title: "Study of techniques that manage dynamic adaptation of rendering of services on hybrid networks (wireless, mobile, etc)", Nikitas Michalis
  184. Title: "Study and implementation of algorithms managing compressed data", Flytzanis Dimitrios
  185. Title: "Study and implementation of priority queues", Michalakis Kostas
  186. Title: "Theoretical study of self-organized data structures", Sigala Aikaterini
  187. Title: "Efficient and confluenlty persistent deques", Papadopoulos Georgios
  188. Title: "Managing and processing algorithms of biological data sequences", Aggeletou Sofia
  189. Title: "Algorithms for analysis and classification of biological data", Seinti Eirini
  190. Title: "Study of techniques and experimental evaluation of string management algorithms with applicability on computational biology problems", Dimitropoulou Martha
  191. Title: "Knowledge mining techniques from biological data", Giannoulatou Eleni
  192. Title: "Study and implementation of adaptive e-learning services using the Microsoft.net technology", Katsiba Theodora
  193. Title: "Implementation of authoring and publishing online courses on a web-based learning environment", Adamopoulou Poulia
  194. Title: "Predicting rules for an e-learning system", Mousourouli Ioanna
  195. Title: "Predicting rules for an e-shop application", Oikonomopoulou Diamanto
  196. Title: "Advanced object oriented programming tools and techniques in window environment - Use of 'application programming interface - API' to implement a message hooking & subclassing system. Integration with a lexicographic application that checks and corrects the language in keyboard layout", Christos Katsoulas
  197. Title: "Study of security issues when developing .net & CORBA applications", Fotopoulos Ilias
  198. Title: "Implementation of information system about educational issues using smart handheld devices and pocket pc (handhelds, pocket pc)", Kanellopoulou Maria
  199. Title: "e-commerce Intelligence: measurement, study and analysis of online stores' performance", Ntela Konstantina
  200. Title: "Study and analysis of history, specifications and basic tools of XML (Extensible Markup Language) and presentation of auxiliary XML languages (XLINK, XPOINTER, XPATH)", Dimitriadis Nikos
  201. Title: "Description of semantic web and web ontology as a separate layer", Katsoulas Stathis
  202. Title: "Evaluation of programming tools and techniques on mobile devices with window environment (PalmSize, Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 ). Implementation of integrated application for sending and receiving orders wirelessly", Stylianou Andreas
  203. Title: "Implementation of classification service on web using web services architecture", Kyprianos Oikonomidis
  204. Title: "Support Vector Machines for ordering biological data", Menegi Stamatia
  205. Title: "Study of ontologies in bioinformatics domain", Chardalias Nikolaos
  206. Title: "Adaptive tiling, navigation and presentation techniques of educational material on the web", Chatzilia Maria
  207. Title: "Implementation of web application for monitoring telecommunication trafiic SVG technology", Leutheris Konstantinos
  208. Title: "String processing and management algorithms on secondary memory", Mpalopoulou Stavroula
  209. Title: "Study and implementation of algorithms on RAM model", Misirlis Vasilis
  210. Title: "Data structures for IP address searching", Sfikas Eustathios
  211. Title: "Study and implementation of min-max heaps", Antoniou Dimitrios
  212. Title: "Web Intelligence (1)", Livathinos Nikolaos
  213. Title: "Development of collaborative applications using web technologies in .ΝΕΤ environment", Orfanos Georgios
  214. Tilte: "Study and implementation of hypermedia service discovery mechanism", Tsirakis Nikolaos
  215. Title: "Design of system for rendering services of ordering hypertext", Koumparou Nikolas
  216. Title: "Travel recommendation systems", Megas Christos
  217. Title: "Use of ontologies for personalizing web applications (1)", Tantos Alexandros
  218. Title: "Web usage mining for learning environments", Chantzis Georgios
  219. Title: "Web Intelligence (2)", Krinas Theodoros
  220. Title: "Use of ontologies for personalizing e-commerce applications", Sotirchos Georgios
  221. Title: "Study of search techniques and architecure of web service technology", Ntela Katerina
  222. Title: "Techniques for exchanging  semi-data information using web services on telecommunication data", Tsafogiannis Ioannis
  223. Title: "Use of UML technology when deploying source management services", Gklona Dimitra
  224. Title: "Analysis and processing of biological data", Christodoulou Timoleon
  225. Title: "Personalization techniques and use of educational software on mobile phone based on .ΝΕΤ technology", Vasilakopoulos Andreas
  226. Title: ""Semantic data mining on web", Kozonis Marios
  227. Title: "Use of information retrieval techniques to implement on-line data mining systems", Papadakis Marios
  228. Title: "Multimedia bioinformatics dictionary", Micheli Panagiota
  229. Title: "Data structures for dynamic indexing of semi-structured XML information", Stamatopoulos Georgios
  230. Title: ""Application of web mining techniques on usage data of e-shop to provide recommendetions", Aresti Andreas
  231. Title: "Management and processing software of music data", Koutsanastasi Panagiota
  232. Title: "Investigation on OpenSource applications to provide distance learning services and manage information on Educational Institutes", Kouzeli Alexandra
  233. Title: "Study and extension of collaborative applications & web portals on Microsoft Windows environment", Panagiotou Christos
  234. Title: "Web services searching with quality assurance", Diamantopoulou Vasiliki
  235. Title: "Web services management that support workflow processes", Papakonstantinou Konstantinos
  236. Title: "Computations and QoS policies to dynamically choose web services", Makrypoulias Ioannis
  237. Title: "Security and quality assurance on web services for e-commerce processes", Kapsalis Panagiotis
  238. Title: "Semantic web: principles and available technological environments", Toronidis Dimitrios
  239. Title: "Advanced applications on semantic web", Plegas Ioannis
  240. Title: "Selection queries Temporal Database Management Systems (TDBMS) using structures based on priority search trees", Mouzakis Panagiotis
  241. Title: "Online OLAP data analysis techniques", Salem Tarec
  242. Title: "Digitalization of cultural sites –Virtual Museum", Kanakis Athanasios
  243. Title: "Study of computer graphics and animation algorithms and techniques, pilot application implementation on three-dimensional real time presentations", Nikolaou Dimitrios
  244. Title: "Construction of management tool for animation images", Kastoumi Panagiota
  245. Title: "Advanced image search engine", Petrogianni Sofia
  246. Title: "Software development for inserting metadata in digital cultural content", Leonardou Aggeliki
  247. Title: "Management and processing algorithms for weighted biological sequences and their applications", Mentzeliotou Despoina
  248. Title: "Study of model driven architectures to provide prescriptions on data-intensive web applications", Dimitrakopoulou Dimitra
  249. Title: "Investigation on OpenSource applications to provide distance learning services and manage information on Educational Institutes", Tsatsaragkos Ioannis
  250. Title: "Study and extension of collaborative applications & web portals on Microsoft Windows environment", Demesoukas Ioannis
  251. Title: "Semantic collaborative filtering on web", Pountza Alexandra
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